Enumerator screening isn't all bad

Today we did a marathon of recruiting and screening candidates to be enumerators on my project. This is a fairly exhausting process of posting signs and spreading the word, administering exams, grading, and conducting the same interview ~30 times in a row (thus giving me a wonderful insight into the insane tedium of survey enumeration).

The worst part of this process is that it takes all day, but that’s also the best part – today was a gorgeous, slightly foggy day in the Shire Highlands. Heading down to the bus depot, I got to see the sun rise over the Zomba Golf Course.

Coming back to Zomba from Jali, we chased the sun as it crashed into the Zomba Plateau. I wasn’t fortunate enough to get a clean picture of that through the window of our minibus, but I did get this shot of the beautiful and typically African sunset over the trading center.

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