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Working Papers

“Appointments: A More Effective Commitment Device for Health Behaviors” (with Laura Derksen, Natalia Ordaz Reynoso, and Olivier Sterck) [PDF] (Under review)

“Scared Straight or Scared to Death? Fatalism in Response to Disease Risks” [PDF] (Under review)

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Work in Progress

Long-run Impacts of the Northern Uganda Literacy Project (with Julie Buhl-Wiggers, Ricardo Montero de la Piedra*, Jeffrey Smith, and Rebecca L. Thornton)

Measuring Uncertainty in Subjective Risk Beliefs (with Divya Pandey*)

Estimating Labor Supply Elasticities and Discount Rates from Agricultural Output Data (with Lasse Brune, and Eric Chyn)

Recipient Control over the Timing of Cash Transfers (with Lasse Brune, Eric Chyn, and Miriam Laker-Oketta)

Improving Air Quality in Schools (with Marc Bellemare and Kent Horsager)