My new job

People who know me personally already know this, but I figured I would put it up here in order to make it public: starting this fall I will be an assistant professor in the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota. It’s hard to overstate how excited I am about the job – the department has a fantastic group of people doing applied microeconomics. It’s also in an amazing city (two, technically, although Minneapolis and St. Paul nearly merge together at their boundary). I am fully on the Matt Yglesias “everyone should move to Minneapolis” bandwagon.

Now that I am gainfully employed, my long job market-induced blogging hiatus is finally over. I have a number of pent-up ideas I’ve been meaning to write about, so I expect to post pretty regularly in the near future (subject to the finishing-my-dissertation constraint).

PS: Speaking of blogging, I’ve been reading my new colleague Marc Bellemare’s blog religiously for many years now and I highly recommend it. If your friends are anything like mine, his skeptical economist’s take on food & food policy is a breath of fresh air. He’s been on an absolute tear lately – here he is calling out the NYT for ignoring low meat consumption as an important contributor to people being underweight in India, for example.

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