WARNING: Malicious link in previous post (or, adventures in African computing)

My wordpress account was just hijacked by by some kind of spambot. I have deleted that post but if you received it as an email please do not click the links or images in it. Kudos to my mom for pointing this out as soon as she saw it.

I’m not 100% sure what I did that allowed this to happen; I had something similar happen to my seldom-used twitter account a while back. As a precaution I’ve changed my wordpress password, but given that this happened today I suspect I may have picked up some malware during an ill-advised but unavoidable interaction with an infected local USB thumb drive at my photocopier this morning. He had lost my originals and time was of the essence in getting replacements printed; there was no time to find a different flash drive. I thought I had made it out scot-free but apparently I might have taken one on the chin.

The spam message itself was something about getting paid to take surveys. This is somewhat ironic as I’ve complained before on this very blog that American researchers almost never pay their survey respondents, and that they really should. Suffice it to say that you won’t make any money from taking surveys, and that that link is highly likely to do nasty things to your computer.

I apologize for letting this happen, and hope no one was duped into clicking anything in the post.

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