Awesome links

Cool stuff I don’t have time to expound on at length:

  1. Via Ryan Louie on Facebook, “What would happen if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90% the speed of light?” what if xkcd is now on my Google Reader list.
  2. Is it culturally insensitive to badger a 23-year old Rwandan girl about her memories of the genocide that happened there when she was 5? Probably.
  3. The colonial era gets too much credit, good and bad, for current conditions in African countries. And arguably too much attention: I see the “colonial origins hypothesis” as too simplistic by far, and also as denying agency to the people in post-colonial countries. This refreshing new paper from┬áStelios Michalopoulos and Elias Papaioannou shows that pre-colonial ethnic institutions in Africa strongly predict current levels of economic development. Via Chris Blattman.
  4. Applied microeconomists Justin Wolfers and Betsey Stevenson are coming to Michigan. Big win for my home department.
  5. Kim Dionne is giving a seminar at Texas A&M on the politics of Malawi’s fertilizer subsidy program – would definitely be there if I could, because the topic is fascinating. Every Malawian I’ve met has a (strong!) opinion on it.
  6. Stanford and UCLA Chemists take a step toward an HIV cure, through a treatment that can reactivate the latent virus that is hiding in human cells. I wonder if this stuff can cross the blood-brain barrier to get at the HIV hiding there?

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