Working Papers


“Scared Straight or Scared to Death? The Effect of Risk Beliefs on Risky Behaviors” [PDF] [Online Appendix] (Revise and Resubmit, American Economic Review)

“Peers and Motivation at Work: Evidence from a Firm Experiment in Malawi” (with Lasse Brune and Eric Chyn) [PDF] (Revision Submitted, Journal of Human Resources)

“You Know What I Know: Enumerator Knowledge Effects in Subjective Expectation Elicitation” (with Natalia Ordaz Reynoso) (Revise and Resubmit, Demography)

“Pay Me Later: A Simple Employer-based Saving Scheme” (with Lasse Brune and Eric Chyn) [PDF]

“How Important is Temptation Spending? Maybe Less than We Thought” (with Lasse Brune and Qingxiao Li) [PDF]

“Teacher Effectiveness in Africa: Longitudinal and Causal Estimates” (with Julie Buhl-Wiggers, Rebecca Thornton, and Jeffrey A. Smith) [PDF]

“Appointments versus Commitments: Overcoming Self-Control Problems in Preventive Health” (with Laura Derksen, Natalia Ordaz Reynoso, and Olivier Sterck) [Slides]

“Program Scale-up and Sustainability” (with Julie Buhl-Wiggers, Jeff Smith, and Rebecca Thornton) [Slides]